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Petral is a limited company established based on Companies Ordinance Hong Kong and headquarters in Hong Kong.

Petral has a subsidiaries in Singapore known as Pertamina Energy Services PTE. LTD.

here you can find all information about Petral and all the activities,
we're proudly present this site and and wish you can find any information you want to know about our company

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Go Live ERP for Pertamina Energy Trading Limited Pertamina Lubricants Exported to Vietnam PHE WMO to Reoperate the PHE-40
Singapore - Starting 1st July 2012 Pertamina Energy Trading Limited (Petral)/Pertamina Energy Services (PES) has fully implemented Enterprise Resource Planning.... Jakarta, Pertamina Lubricants further expand the Company's marketing and sales to overseas countries.... Pertamina Hulu Energi West Madura Offshore (PHE WMO) will reoperate the offshore platform, the PHE-40, which was damaged when hit by a cargo ship in 2010....

20-Sep-12 16:47:53 - Crude Procurement